Traffic Study for Proposed Casino in Philadelphia

posted Jan 14, 2014, 4:10 AM by Louis Rodriguez   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 8:25 AM ]
 - Rodriguez Consulting LLC (Rodriguez) was retained by Urban Engineers, Inc. to provide traffic data collection, data analysis and QA/QC on a project that involved manual turning counts (TMC) at five (5) intersections in the Port Richmond section Philadelphia.  The traffic study was conducted to analyze traffic flows for a proposed casino.

Rodriguez Contribution
Rodriguez was responsible for providing the following traffic data collection services:
  • Planning - Coordinated traffic count operations using Google Earth Pro to plan for the location of field crews.  Google Street View was utilized to plan for safe locations that had optimal view of traffic. Turing movement counts were planned for peak traffic hours on a typical weekday (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) between the hours of 7AM-9AM and 4PM-7PM. Rodriguez coordinated data collection activities with local municipal authorities.
  • Turning Movement Counts - Field crews utilized Apple iPads using the TurnCount App to collect turning movements by the following modes of travel: cars, buses, and trucks.  TurnCount, by Trafdata, LLC, is an easy and intuitive way to count traffic using iPads and iPhones.  TurnCount works similarly to the traditional turning movement counter board.     Pedestrian and bicycle crossing movements were also recorded at each location.  TurnCount also recorded the GPS coordinates of the count location as well as the date and time of the study.  Field crews obtained digital photographs using iPads and iPhones and signal timing for traffic control devices.
  • Analysis and QA/QC - Compiled data was exported from TurnCount to Jamar PETRA PRO format to identify intersection peak hours as well as calculate peak hour factors for subsequent use in intersection capacity analysis.  Data was reviewed with Jamar PETRA PRO software and exported to MS Excel and Adobe PDF formats for further review and analysis. 
For more information: Download Project Profile