CMAQ in Cumberland County (Traffic Signal Equipment Inventory)

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Rodriguez Consulting LLC (Rodriguez), under contract with Urban Engineering, Inc. provided inventory traffic signals along each corridor of 39 signalized intersection in the City of Vineland, NJ. Rodriguez developed also a report of recommendations for future intersection improvements for each roadway.

Rodriguez Contribution - Rodriguez Traffic Signal Equipment Inventory: Prior to performing site visits, Rodriguez coordinated with SJTPO and Cumberland County. Rodriguez field crews performed data collection at 39 intersections to inventory the following traffic signal assets: Signal Controller, Signal Poles/Supports, Signal Indications, Vehicle Detection, and Pedestrian. Various attributes (e.g. type of signal head, type of signal support, presence of vehicle detection, etc.) were also collected for each of these features. Each attribute was digitally photographed with the image file associated to the respective feature.

The data collection team used the FulcrumApp and iPads to record the data in the field. Field data was reviewed and processed in the office and compiled into a database.

Rodriguez Team also developed an ArcGIS Online web map that was shared with the respective agencies to be used for review and collaboration of the project data. The web map was used to view and track project status as well as access the data collected in the field. Notes, digital photos, and reports were linked to the respective features and accessible via a simple web interface.

Rodriguez Team developed a Traffic Signal Equipment Inventory in MySQL. The database was spatially enabled for use in Esri geographic information systems (GIS) software. The data collected in the field was imported into the database after data collection and quality control was complete.

Site Facts - 39 Signalized intersections in the City of Vineland, NJ.
Technologies -  
  • Esri ArcGIS software
  • Folcrum App by Spatial Data Network
  • Data Collection using Apple iPods
  • GPS
  • Laser Range Finder
Client - South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization. 
                     Contract Owner: Urban Engineers, Inc.