Rebuild Philadelphia

Rodriguez is proud to be a qualified Project User under Impact Services Corporation

To be qualified as a Project User, Philadelphia-based nonprofits were required to meet specific criteria, including successful design and construction of projects totaling at least $1 million, experience working with communities, and demonstration of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, among others.

Rebuilding Community Infrastructure (Rebuild) is a program that will invest hundreds of millions of dollars to revitalize neighborhood parks, recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries across the city. Over the last decade, Center City’s public spaces have been reborn through significant investment. Now it’s time to invest in the rebirth of our neighborhoods as well.
Rebuild Values
Rebuild focuses on promoting equity and fairness across Philadelphia. Most of Rebuild’s community investment will go to distressed or struggling neighborhoods where concentrated poverty, elevated crime rates, and heightened health risks are impacting the lives of local residents. Where possible, Rebuild will also look to invest in neighborhoods that may be growing and present opportunities to spur additional economic growth. These are neighborhoods where Rebuild projects can attract even more investment to serve and stabilize the community. There are three major goals of this investment: revitalizing community spaces, engaging and empowering communities, and promoting economic opportunity. Learn more.

Heitzman Recreation Center Q&A