Topographic Survey of Cobbs Creek

posted Jan 21, 2013, 1:50 PM by Unknown user
PHILADELPHIA, PA (TOPO SURVEY) - Rodriguez Consulting LLC (Rodriguez) was retained by Dewberry to provide land surveying services on a stream restoration project for Cobbs Creek in Philadelphia, PA.  This survey included about 9.200 LF of stream bed.

UTILITY COORDINATION - Rodriguez researched and obtained all utility information for the project area.

TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY – Vertical and Horizontal survey control was established through the project area.  Horizontal control was referenced to PA State Plane (NAD1983) and vertical control was referenced to North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88).  The project area consisted of 9200 LF of stream bed with an approximate width of 300 feet.  Shots were taken to include the locations of creek alignment, adjoining roadways, structures, tree lines, green infrastructure, and trails/gateway sites.  The following information was additionally collected:
  • Stream Cross Sections – Stream/Floodplain cross sections were obtained at a 100 ft interval with additional spot shots taken where necessary to capture key topographic banks.  The cross-sections included thalweg, top and bottom of bank, bankfull elevation, and bedrock outcrops.
  • Wetlands – Rodriguez located approximately 300 wetland flags.
  • Groundwater and Wetland Monitoring – Rodriguez located approximately 20 groundwater monitoring locations.  Rodriguez also set and retrieved five wetlands data loggers at various locations to be identified by the Client on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Tree Locations – Rodriguez located selected trees marked and identified by others.  Approximately 200 trees were located per day.
  • Soil Boring Locations – Rodriguez located approximately 30 soil boring and infiltration testing locations.
BOUNDARY SURVEY – Rodriguez included property boundaries per the metes and bounds description within the limits of disturbance on the base plan for this project.  Property boundaries, easements, and right-of-ways were plotted from deed records and included tax map number, including properties immediately adjacent to the survey boundary.  Rodriguez also surveyed and located available/identifiable property corners prepared legal descriptions and easement plan exhibits for stream corridor improvements for use by City legal staff in negotiating right-of-way agreements or acquisitions.

BASE PLAN PREPARATION – Rodriguez compiled all survey, deed research, and utility data into an AutoCAD environment using AutoCAD Civil 3D.