Enterprise Heights - Commercial Development

posted Sep 24, 2011, 6:27 AM by Louis Rodriguez   [ updated Sep 24, 2011, 11:37 AM ]
PHILADELPHIA, PA (PROPERTY SURVEY) - Enterprise Heights Real Estate Development (EHRED) intends to develop The Plaza at Enterprise Heights, an environmentally friendly, transit-oriented, mixed-use development.  The EHRED retained Rodriguez Consulting LLC (Rodriguez) to provide professional surveying services in order to consolidate the existing parcels located within the subject 214’x340’ project site, located at the corner of Farragut and Market Streets (between 46th and 47th streets) in West Philadelphia. 

  • BOUNDARY SURVEY—A Boundary Survey was prepared for the subject parcel, i.e. entire block.  Outbound property information was referenced from the official Philadelphia City Plan and the property deed(s).  
  • TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY - A Topographic Survey was prepared for the project site including one-foot contour interval and/or spot elevations.  
  • UTILITY SURVEY - Existing rim, top of grate and invert elevations were obtained for storm or sanitary sewer facilities within the project limits.  Existing pipe type and size will also be obtained, when assessable.  
  • EXISTING CONDITIONS SITE PLAN - Rodriguez prepared an Existing Conditions Site Plan of the property incorporating the information obtained via the Topographic Survey.
  • CONSOLIDATION/ZONING PLAN - A Consolidation Plan was prepared depicting the metes and bounds for the consolidated lot with a legal description.