Juniata Golf Course Dam Removal

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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA (TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY) - Rodriguez Consulting LLC (Rodriguez), under contract with Stantec, provided topographic land surveying services for a Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) Water & Sewer Capital project at the Juniata Golf Course Dam. The  project area consisted of approximately 3,000 lineal feet of waterway and generally open land.  The intention of this project was to find ways to reduce flooding within the area.

  • Field Survey – Rodriguez performed a topographic survey including the following:
    • Channel and Banks – The survey included the channel, banks, and existing ground within the area.
    • Stormwater Inlets/Outlets – Obtained information about size and type of inlet/outlet, elevations of top of grate, and elevation of top of trap.
    • Surface and Areas – contours on 0.5' intervals, spot elevations at low points, major high points, and pavement edges, pavement materials, and vegetation area types
    • Utilities - All utility features visible on or above the surface, including but not limited to manholes, vent or valve covers, utility boxes, utility poles, guy wires, hydrants, hose bibs, stormwater inlets, etc.
    • Above ground features – information on

      trees, buildings, walls, roads, paths, bridges, signs, fencing was obtained.
  • Topographic Base Plan Preparation–  Rodriguez prepared a Topographic Base Plan in accordance with the generally accepted land surveying standards and practices including the following:
    • Overall site plan fit onto one 22'x34' sheet
    • Cross sections shown on 50' centers along the centerline of the channel and perpendicular to the direction of flow.
    • Survey included same requirements as PWD's Water and Sewer Design Manual


  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • GPS Data Collection


  • Juniata Golf Course
  • Approximately 3000 LF of waterway