Penn's Landing Marina – Disaster Response to Hurricane Irene

posted Jan 25, 2014, 6:59 AM by Louis Rodriguez   [ updated Mar 10, 2015, 3:50 AM ]

PHILADELPHIA, PA (TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY) - Rodriguez Consulting LLC (Rodriguez), provided  field surveying services to the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation at the Penn's Landing Marina.  Due to the heavy storm events, including Hurricane Irene on 9/18/2011, the floating marina adjacent to the South Quay rose to the point where a number of dock hoops rose above the top of the piles.  Temporary pile extensions were installed in order to hold the floating marina in place.  The project involved confirming the top of piles that were placed at Penn's Landing Marina as part of the Quay Pier Infrastructure Marina Rehabilitation Project.

Rodriguez Contribution
Rodriguez was responsible for providing the following land surveying services:

  • Topographic Survey - Located the existing 46 piles adjacent to the South Quay and determined the elevation of the top of each pile. Physically noted where each pile should have been cut per engineering design drawings.
  • As-Built Drawing - Prepared an as-built survey plan that detailed the locations of the piles and their elevations in City Datum, NAVD1988, and MLLW Datum.
  • Surveyor's Report - Compiled formal report listing findings based on review of referenced documents and field investigations.
For more information: Download Project Profile
Download Project Profile