Fairmount Water Works Property Survey & Mapping

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Rodriguez Consulting, LLC ("Rodriguez") was retained by Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. ("Jacobs" or "Client") for Professional Land Surveying services for the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center Site Survey. This project required services for a topographic, utility, and site features survey to develop an existing conditions site plan that was used to prepare design and engineering documents for site, landscape, and drainage improvements around the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center.

Rodriguez was responsible for providing civil engineering services including but not limited:

  • Control Survey/ General Survey - Horizontal and Vertical survey control was established throughout the project site as required to perform the survey tasks. Horizontal control was referenced to the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83) utilizing GPS technology. Vertical control was referenced to the Philadelphia City Datum by means of conventional leveling procedures. 
  • Reference Control - Rodriguez set eight (8) Project Benchmarks referenced to the sites horizontal & vertical datum in permanent locations within twenty-five (25) feet of the project area. 
  • Topographic Survey - A topographic survey was prepared for the area in accordance with generally acceptable engineering standards and practices. The survey was prepared at an appropriate scale, with a one (1) foot contour interval and spot elevations.
  • Utility Survey - Existing rim, top of grate and invert elevations were obtained for storm and sanitary sewer facilities within the project limits.
  • Utility Coordination - Rodriguez contacted Pennsylvania (PA) One Call requesting a Routine Location Request (street mark up) and a Design Notification (utility plans/ as-builts) for the project area.
  • Existing Conditions Site Plan Preparation - Rodriguez prepared an Existing Conditions Site Plan of the site incorporating the information obtained via the Topographic Survey. The compiled field information was prepared in a CAD environment and included the preparation of a survey plat drawn at a scale of 1' = 20' as required by the client with existing topographically being depicted with one (1) foot contour intervals.


  • GPS Data Collection
  • Topographic & Utility Survey
  • AutoCad Civil 3D


  • Schuykill River