Stormwater Design for Parking Lot - Philadelphia Navy Yard

posted Oct 7, 2013, 4:27 AM by Louis Rodriguez   [ updated Aug 21, 2017, 3:13 PM ]
PHILADELPHIA, PA (PAVING/DRAINAGE DESIGN) - Rodriguez Consulting LLC(Rodriguez), under contract with Rome Management Associates, LLC.(ROME),provided civil engineering and site design services for the Building 567 Laydown Paving Area project, at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA; the design and construction of a 25,000 SF asphalt paved laydown area for materials, equipment, and vehicle parking and related work for use by Building 567 Public Works Maintenance and Transportation Center at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA.

Rodriguez Contribution
Rodriguez was responsible for providing civil engineering and site design services including but not limited:
  • Topographic Survey Plan – Performed PA One Call, existing utilities, topographic survey, and creation of Existing Conditions Plan. 
  • Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) ERSA Submission– Project was above 15,000 SF of earth disturbance; therefore required a PWD Stormwater Permit and Existing Resources and Site Analysis submission for erosion and sedimentation control.
  • Site Development Plan – creation of site grading and drainage plan, utility plan, landscaping and lighting, and construction details.
  • PWD Stormwater Management Final Design – prepared a Post Construction Stormwater Management Plan and design of Stormwater Bioretention Basin.
  • Geotechnical  – Coordinated and reviewed geotechnical soil infiltration testing for compliance with PWD Standards.
  • Construction Related Services – Reviewed and approved shop drawings.
    Responded to information requests. Observed construction services during build.
    Prepared survey layout for Construction. 


  • Site Area (sq ft): 25,000

  • Stormwater Management Practice
    • Bioretention Basin