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Philadelphia's Bike-Share Program

posted Sep 2, 2015, 1:17 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 3, 2015, 10:19 AM ]

Rodriguez Consulting is excited to hear that the Philadelphia bike-share program, Indego, hit the 100,000-ride mark justtwo months after its debut. We are proud that we were able to contribute to the project's inception.

However before we all were able to pedal on Indigo bikes there was a lot of work to be conducted in order to make the whole project run safely and effortlessly. And this is where the Rodriguez team employed its best expertise.

Our engineers worked with the project team on station planning, existing conditions surveys, and permitting and, once again, we had a chance to improve part of our city's transportation infrastructure.

Now we need to admit that it has been a great success!

From Temple University to the Navy Yard and from the Delaware River to University City there are about 60 stations, so-called “dock points”, where bikes can be taken from one location and returned to another. In order to choose best locations for these stations Rodriguez visited various proposed locations to examine existing conditions and determine if the location could accommodate a bike station. Our engineers documented pedestrian accessibility, utilities, street furniture and vehicular and public transport access. The goal was to find locations that were easier and more accessible for riders, while respecting safety, traffic, and local regulations.

As always at Rodriguez we implemented innovative approach to meet our clients’ expectations and deliver the best quality data and services. Our team utilized various field data collection tools including Adapx digital pens to easily collect data on paper maps. The information collected on the paper maps was digitally scanned into the pen and transferred onto digital GIS maps back in the office. Concept plans for proposed bike share sites were created utilizing Esri's ArcGIS and, to get improved visualization, the field collected data was exported from Esri ArcGIS to Google Earth.

While a few more stations and bikes will be added in the coming months, how big a growth spurt we will see next year has yet to be determined. We enjoy seeing blue-and-white bicycles passing by on the streets of Philadelphia and we are proud to be part of the project which improves how our beautiful city works.