CEO Lou Rodriguez Named to Philadelphia Business Journal's “Power 100” List

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OCTOBER 23, 2017 --- 
Rodriguez CEO Lou Rodriguez was named to the Philadelphia Business Journal’s “Power 100” list, a compilation of “the most influential people in greater Philadelphia.”

“2018 has been a great year for our firm and for me personally. We celebrated our tenth year in business in August and I was named to the Board of Trustees at Widener University, my alma mater, earlier this year,” said Lou Rodriguez. “I was truly honored to be recognized by the Philadelphia Business Journal as a leader that is helping to shape the future of Greater Philadelphia.”

About Rodriguez

Rodriguez Consulting, LLC (Rodriguez) provides innovative engineering and geospatial solutions for our Nation's infrastructure incorporating creative applications of technology. Our team of professionals specializes in Design (land development, redevelopment, site retrofits), Infrastructure (water, sewer stormwater, roadways), Geospatial (GIS, GPS, LiDAR, land surveying) services.  Rodriguez is a certified SBA 8(a), minority-owned (MBE) and disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) established and incorporated in 2007.  Learn more at or @rodriguez_llc

Happy 10th Birthday Rodriguez Consulting!

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AUGUST 2, 2017 --- 10 years ago today I decided to file corporate paperwork and form a company. It’s something I had done numerous times but those ventures all failed for a variety of reasons…but this one felt different, partly because it was the first time I would put my name on it. There was also no safety net of a job or a weekly paycheck this time around. I was all in. 

I had no idea that the economy was going to crash a few months after I started but I learned there was no better time to start a business. You jump in the deep end and just start learning to swim.

Ten years later it is still standing. I have made more mistakes than I can count but I did a few things right.  There is no way I can thank everyone that contributed to the company and helped me along the way so I’ll thank three people. I have to thank my parents, Chris and Lou Rodriguez Sr., for putting up with me through the first twentysomething years and establishing the values and foundation I’d need later. And I have to thank my wife Nicole for putting up with me for the last twentysomething years and dealing with all the insanity that comes from owning your own company…like not getting paid every two weeks. She’s the “silent partner” that covers up all of the holes in my game and there are many.

Oh yes, there is one more. I hang out with Him on Sundays but he seems to be around all the time. He tends to toss ideas my way when I am deep in the woods in the middle of a trail run.

I’m looking forward to another ten years.

Land Mapping Drones become a Surveyors Best Friend at Rodriguez

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – APRIL 4, 2017 – Land Mapping Drones become a Surveyors Best Friend at Rodriguez

Rodriguez Consulting LLC (Rodriguez), an award winning professional engineering and land surveying firm founded in 2007, announced today the acquisition of new aerial tools to its arsenal. Emerging drone technology at Rodriguez will complement the firm's offerings in civil engineering, site development, land surveying, water management, traffic data collection, construction inspection, and digital mapping/geographic information systems (GIS) services.

Partnering with FlexRight Solutions™, an award winning Fort Washington, PA based firm (PA Home Builder's Association, 2016) with a focus on providing next generation leadership solutions using small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), Rodriguez' new aerial intelligence solutions delivers a better approach for site development, land surveying and construction management projects.

Integrating a complete sUAS system to generate high-resolution aerial images, topographic maps, 2D and 3D models, and accurate volumetric data, allows the firm to acquire survey-grade accuracy with immediate reliable data for project estimates, civil survey designs and construction stakeouts.

Gaining time in the field using these next generation aerial platforms, the use of drone technology at Rodriguez will provide general contractors, project and survey managers with the most up to date reporting, keeping projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

Plus, improved speed and safety does not come at the cost of accuracy. Land mapping drones at Rodriguez will deliver a high level of accuracy to conventional surveying methods. This means client's will still have centimeter-grade precision, without the time, risk and costs. The integration of this technology is yet another professional tool to deliver better results in less time to quickly become the perfect support for boots on the ground at Rodriguez.


FlexRight Solutions™ is a next generation leadership solutions firm helping people and organizations lead ahead of their own curve. We provide "Next-Gen" organizational behaviors and solutions through innovative and disruptive technology to cause Big-bang Disruptions (dramatic new kind of innovation) occur that radically changes how leaders understand and interact with systems and human behavior. The outcomes are disciplined to help our clients realize how the world is supposed to look long before they arrive to their future while breaking away from the traditional norms.

Louis A. Rodriguez appointed to the board of directors for the PHLCVB

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We are proud to announce that our President, Lou Rodriguez, has been appointed by the PHLCVB Executive Committee, to the board of directors for The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB).  The PHLCVB is a private, nonprofit membership corporation, is the official Tourism Promotion Agency for the City of Philadelphia globally and the primary sales and marketing agency for the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The Board consists of various diverse professionals in the Greater Philadelphia Area, and make recommendations and provide guidance to the Executive Committee of PHL CVB.

This is a new and very fascinating opportunity and we are pleased, that Lou won the confidence of the Executive Committee. We are sure that Lou can bring a fresh perspective and valuable insight together with a commitment to this city and our communities.

Congratulations to Lou and good luck for your new role!


About the PHLCVB:

We are an Economic Engine for the city, creating jobs and fueling the economy by bringing meetings, conventions and travelers to Philadelphia. We are Advocates for Philadelphia and the region’s continuous transformation of infrastructure, growth of human capital and brand asset management. We are Connectors for meeting planners, conference attendees, tour operators, travelers and our members by orchestrating a symphony of resources to create great expectations. We are Celebratory in our love for the City of Philadelphia, our passion for our clients and visitors and our role as ambassadors. We are Philadelphia.

Our Project Manager at PSLS

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 2016 – Our Project Manager was appointed to the PSLS Board of Directors.


We are pleased to share the great news that this past month our Project Manager David Spellman was awarded new roles within the Society of Land Surveyors. Members of the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors elected David to the position of Chapter Secretary in Bucks County. He was also appointed to the Pennsylvania PSLS Board of Directors. 

The Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors is a statewide professional society of individuals interested in the practice of land surveying. PSLS was established on May 6, 1969, under the laws of Pennsylvania as a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization with purposes as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.

Dave, as you climb the ladder of success, we hope that you will continue to fulfill your career dreams. We hope you will find these new roles very satisfying and inspiring. Congratulations and good luck on your new role!

The Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors- 
The Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors, a statewide professional organization, exists for the purpose of supporting, improving and enhancing the profession, its members, and the practice of land surveying. To these ends, the critical work of the Society focuses on providing education, legislative involvement, enhancing the public awareness, and the promulgation of the ethics of the profession.


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PHILADELPHIA, PA – NOVEMBER 2016 – Professional 3D Scanning Services at Thomas Jefferson University

We feel excited to support the great vision of MEDstudio at JEFF and Jenny Sabin Studio, who lead the architectural design of The Beacon - "Where Design and Technology meet Medicine to Empower People”; an experiment in generative architecture and functions to stimulate new ideas between medicine and design. The exhibit that was created in Lubert Plaza, Philadelphia, as a part of Design Philadelphia 2016 Festival. 
It is through a shared passion for rendering the physical world digitally accessible to anyone with internet access that has united the two parties: engineers and designers. 
"The project was created to function as both a public meeting place for the design expo, and as an experiment to demonstrate drone technology, responsive textiles and advanced digital fabrication’s contribution to architecture, design and the medical field".

Rodriguez Team used FARO Focus  X330 Laser scanner and created 360 panoramic imagery in Faro Webshare as well as an scanned model of the 20-foot tall structure.


About MEDstudio at JEFF:
MEDstudio@JEFF is an anti-disciplinary agency focused on the design of health and human dignity. Rooted in over 25 years of research and practice in the medical sciences and design, and answering to unmet needs in health and wellness, MEDstudio@JEFF was established in 2013 by Dr. Peter Lloyd Jones and Provost Mark Tykocinski.  

About Jenny Sabin Studio:
Jenny Sabin Studio is an experimental architecture studio based in Ithaca, NY. The studio investigates the intersections of architecture and science, and applies insights and theories from biology and mathematics to the design, fabrication, and production of material structures and spatial interventions. We collaborate with scientists and engineers and employ architects, designers, and artists. 

About Rodrigue Consulting:
Rodriguez Consulting, LLC (Rodriguez) provides innovative engineering and geospatial solutions for our Nation's infrastructure incorporating creative applications of technology. Our team of professionals specializes in Design (land development, redevelopment, site retrofits), Infrastructure (water, sewer stormwater, roadways), Geospatial (GIS, GPS, LiDAR, land surveying) services.  Rodriguez is a certified SBA 8(a), minority-owned (MBE) and disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) established and incorporated in 2007. 

The Voice of Women in the Building Industry

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – September 28, 2016 – Sara Poindexter appointed to be a member of Professional Women in Building Council.

Our Managing Engineer Sara Poindexter became recently a member of the Professional Women in Building Council for Bucks and Montgomery counties (PWB). 
PWB is the voice of women in the building industry in our region. It's a part of the Home Builders Association of Bucks/Montgomery Counties, which 
is a group of building professionals dedicated to promoting, educating, and advocating the advancement of the residential construction industry while serving our community. The mission of the PWB Council is to support their members at the local, state, and national levels by offering networking, education, legislative awareness, and outreach by promoting professional and personal development.

Building and Construction may be a male-dominated industry but there are hundreds of professional women who can share their great experience, knowledge and inspire each other to constantly improve our cities and communities. We are glad that Sara is one of them and that she is a part of our team.

Here are some pictures from the last PWB Chapter "Get to Know Us" Event on September 13th.


About Home Builders Association:

The Home Builders Association of Bucks and Montgomery Counties is a non-profit trade association representing the residential construction community throughout the Delaware Valley Region. Our builder members include small, medium and large volume home builders, and developers. Associate members are professionals and trades people who work with and support our industry including subcontractors, building materials suppliers, realtors, bankers, attorneys and many others. Membership in our association automatically includes membership in the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and in the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA).

Louis A. Rodriguez appointed to the new board of directors for the PFMC

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – May 11, 2016 – Louis A. Rodriguez appointed to the new board of directors for the PFMC.

We are proud to announce that our President, Lou Rodriguez, has been appointed by the city Mayor, James F. Kenney, to the board of directors for the Philadelphia Facilities Management Corporation (PFMC).  The PFMC is a non-profit corporation that directs the operations of the Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW).  The new board members have been elected to serve two year terms expiring April 5th, 2018.

This is a very important task and work and we are pleased, that Lou won the confidence of the Mayor and citizens of Philadelphia. We are sure that the new board will bring a fresh perspective and valuable insight together with a commitment to our communities.

Congratulations to all of newly elected Board Members and good luck for your new role.



About PGW

Today PGW is the largest municipally owned gas utility in the country. We manage and maintain a system of over 6,000 miles of gas mains and service pipes that deliver an annual 78 billion cubic feet of safe, reliable natural gas to our 500,000 customers each year.

The Philadelphia Gas Commission has general responsibility (together with the City Administration and Philadelphia City Council) for overseeing the management and operation of the Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) by the Philadelphia Facilities Management Corporation (PFMC). PGW is a natural gas distribution operation owned by the City of Philadelphia. The PFMC is a non-profit corporation which operates PGW under contract with the City.

Rodriguez at 2016 Esri Federal GIS Conference

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Washington, DC February 24-25.

Because at Rodriguez, we believe that GIS provides a platform like no other, to integrate data, perform dynamic analysis, and then take action, we couldn’t miss the chance to join our Partner Esri, at their great event GIS Fed 2016.

We have sent our new Geodesign Strategist, Veronica to the Esri Federal GIS Conference, which was held Feb. 24–25 in Washington, D.C. GIS Fed is an annual meeting, where you can find more than 3,500 federal professionals and explore ground-breaking ways government uses geospatial technology to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Here is Veronica’s short coverage and few shots from the conference.

“Esri wasted no time addressing the national crises that can be solved using geography this past Wednesday at the Federal GIS Conference in Washington DC. Since I work closely with the people and technologies of Esri, I was the lucky one to represent Rodriguez Consulting and to make sure our engineers and surveyors are making sustainable and efficient decisions. The conference began with a video which dramatically emphasized the responsiveness and functionality that geospatial data and resources can provide to agencies and companies working on the various aspects of our nation's security and prosperity. There were many revealing conversations to be had which highlighted some of the cutting edge problem solving that decision-makers and GIS analysts are engaging in including fighting wildfires, securing the Olympics, and mapping the nation's green spaces. There were presentations from the President and CEO of National Geographic, the deputy director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and many others who are users of the Esri platform. A stunning array of private and commercial service providers were also represented at the GIS Solutions Expo which showcased many demonstrations of innovative technologies and professionals over the course of the two-day summit. I was proud to be a part of the conversations around sustainable development, Geodesign for facilities management, and the ways that engineering and survey teams can leverage GIS. The event is just one way that Esri is demonstrating a commitment to their business partners. We are looking forward to teaming with them in the future to create solutions for clients and other industry professionals”.



2016 Esri Fed GIS Conference

About Esri: Esri is an international supplier of Geographic Information System software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications. The company is headquartered in Redlands, California.

Scanning Pier 78

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – JANUARY 20, 2016 – Professional Land Surveying Services for the Pier 78 Rail Freight Grant Repairs Project. 

Invincibly improving our city and its infrastructure- that’s what we do best. The new project we’ve started working on recently is a part of the bigger redevelopment undertaken by the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority. Our Crew had the chance to work at the Philadelphia’s port, which is one of the busiest ports on the North Atlantic range. Over 3000 ships load and offload at this port each year, make it a pretty busy location, which became a challenge for our team to get there and be able to conduct a survey.

Rodriguez team provides professional land surveying services for the entire parcel of the existing paper warehouse at Christopher Columbus Blvd, Pier 78 and the Delaware River to the East. The survey plan our team is preparing, will serve as the base document for the design of the necessary repairs to the Pier 78 Rail Track System Project. 

Pier 78 is a very old construction, built in 1915. It’s located at the Forest Products Center complex in South Philadelphia. This building is currently used for the storage and loading of paper products. Rail service to this building is critical to the servicing of the various tenant customers. The current rail track system at Pier 78 is in rather poor condition.

Rodriguez team was collecting data using our Faro 3D scanner. I’ve asked Joseph and Joanna, our Geospatial Specialists, about the details of the project and their involvement on various stages of the work. 


Joseph: As the head Party Chief on site, I assisted Shaka and Alban (Surveyors at Rodriguez) in collecting road topography and locations as well as utilities along Columbus Blvd and Snyder Ave. I started the job by using GPS to set survey control so that we could have our site georeferenced to State Plane Coordinates. We then used conventional survey methods utilizing our total station to set other survey points throughout the site, which we used to collect more topography and locations of utilities. These points would then be used to georeference our scan data which I will explain in more detail below. The true basis of the job was to collect valuable information for the future upgrade of the rail system that was in desperate need of repair. We needed to collect precise measurements along the rail system and surrounding topography and utilities. We decided that using our Faro 3D laser scanner would be a great tool in the collection of this data. We would end up with millions of points that would all be tied to our survey control that we would later use to draft the existing features and rail system. I completed 32 individual scans spread out throughout the interior of the site and along the frontage where the rail system entered from Columbus Blvd. A big hurdle for us to overcome was that Pier 78 is one of the busiest ports in the Northeast. There are vessels unloading cargo most of the week and the only downtime is on weekends when no vessels are scheduled to arrive. It took us 2 Saturday's to collect all of the information we needed. The Faro allowed us to move quickly and smoothly throughout the site. We had to supplement some areas with other conventional survey methods, which were difficult for the laser scanner to get, but I would say we probably picked up most of what we needed utilizing the Faro 3D laser scanner. It is an extremely valuable tool to have. Millions of points of data were collected.  

Aerial Photo showing extent of survey

Point cloud of site from FARO SCENE
  Joanna was working in the office on the data our Surveying Crew collected. She explained below in greater detail, how we processed the scan data and how the end results look like.

Accurate and detail drawings of the railroad tracks were crucial to the success of the project, and were used as a base to document existing conditions, as well as for the design of restoration work. Multiple scans were made around the building. These individual scans were later registered together in Faro SCENE software, to form one point cloud, which essentially becomes a 3D spatial image. Registration of the scans was possible due to the scanned targets (common points), placed in between scan stations. It helped to connect and combine all of the scans into one point cloud. 

While collecting millions of points of data, the Faro Focus X330 also takes a series of pictures associated with each scan, allowing point cloud data to be supplemented with digital color imaging. These images were aligned to the point cloud data, so that it gained the true colors.

A network of GPS control points was set up around the building. Scan targets, were set up over these control points. I was then able to georeference the point cloud. In order to do that, I imported the file with control points into SCENE software. In the final point cloud there were over 60 million points created.

The next step after point cloud registration and georeference, was exporting the point cloud to the format which can be opened in AutoCAD Civil 3D. AutoCAD is compatible with a RCP file. I exported that file and worked in Civil 3D with PointPlant Scene kubit to draft the existing condition plan. 

As an end result, I was able to deliver, to our client, cost efficient accurate drawings with great detail.

Photo of building in intensity detention and 
Photo from VirtuSurv

Photos taken by Joseph Coe, scans prepared by Joanna Sajewska.


About Philadelphia Regional Port Authority

The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, an independent agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has as its primary mission the enhancement of water-borne trade and commerce. As an organization committed to economic development and job creation, the Authority seeks to generate activity that will maximize port-related employment and revenues by promoting the use of the Philadelphia regional port system by Pennsylvania based industries. It is also committed to working in a cooperative spirit with other Delaware River port and City agencies to realize the potential of the regional port system.


About Rodriguez


Rodriguez Consulting, LLC (Rodriguez) provides innovative engineering and geospatial solutions for our Nation's infrastructure incorporating creative applications of technology. Our team of professionals specializes in Design (land development, redevelopment, site retrofits), Infrastructure (water, sewer stormwater, roadways), Geospatial (GIS, GPS, LiDAR, land surveying) services.  Rodriguez is a certified SBA 8(a), minority-owned (MBE) and disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) established and incorporated in 2007.  Learn more at or @rodriguez_llc.

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