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Meet Sara Poindexter, Managing Engineer at Rodriguez Consulting.

posted Oct 26, 2015, 2:12 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 30, 2015, 4:22 AM by Louis Rodriguez ]

You know that someone was born to do something not simply when they're good at that thing but also when they devote their time and energy to it. Sara, our Managing Engineer, is the best example of such a person.  She started her career as an engineer in Florida. After about 10 years of professional experience she moved to Philadelphia and joined Rodriguez Consulting.

It didn't take her long to get accustomed to the new place and get involved in local engineering movements.  She joined the Sustainable Business Networks' GSI Partners initiative and after a few months in Philadelphia, her talent was recognized, and she became the committee chair. Here are a few questions we have asked Sara about her professional activity.

- How did it happen that you got involved in GSI Partners and became committee chair?

GSI Partners is an initiative of the Sustainable Business Network, which Rodriguez Consulting is a member of.  When I moved here from Florida, I was immediately drawn to GSI Partners' mission to advance the local green stormwater infrastructure industry and I became a member of the Plan Review Committee mostly to network with other like-minded design professionals.  
Having a strong interest in policy and procedure, this committee was a good fit for me. After a few months of active membership, I was asked to take on the role of Committee Chair.

- Is it true that Philadelphia's Green City, Clean Water project is one of the most recognized around the world? 

Philadelphia's Green City, Clean Water project is a truly innovative and ambitious program to clean the City's waterways and reduce the burden on the existing infrastructure by allowing the stormwater to infiltrate the land surface closer to where it drops.  Most cities and communities are currently sticking with the more traditional approach of piping stormwater quickly off-site to a large storage facility or pond, which prevents recharging of the aquifer and can make filtration more difficult and expensive. The hope is for other municipalities to emulate the success of Philadelphia's Green City, Clean Water project, which is another reason support received from groups like GSI Partners is so essential.

- Why are stormwater and green city project important for the city/ companies operating here and people living here?

The project reduces infrastructure costs for the City, promotes the local economy through the creation of green jobs and investments in local green product and materials, and creates an overall healthier and more beautiful City for Philadelphians and visitors to enjoy.

- How do you evaluate/ see the cooperation between public and private sector when it comes to stormwater management?

The success of this project depends equally on both the public and private sectors, which is a reason why it is considered to be so ambitious.  The Philadelphia Water Department, in particular, has been a pioneer in developing this program and the regulations required to progress, and I believe the private sector is doing a terrific job of creating assets out of on-site stormwater management systems for private development in Philadelphia.  However, we are still in the early stages of the Green City, Clean Water master plan and there are still hurdles to overcome and work to be done to ensure it's success.

We hope there are lots of interesting and challenging projects waiting for Sara and that she will stay as passionate about engineering as she is now. Fingers crossed that you will continue to succeed in your professional career!


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