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Design Charrette on Options for Residential Stormwater Management.

posted Jun 15, 2016, 7:07 AM by Unknown user

On May 12th, our Managing Engineer Sara Poindexter was taking part in a Design Charrette on Options for Residential Stormwater Management. The Charrette facilitated by the BIA Green Committee, in partnership with SBN’s GSI Partners was organized to explore and compare innovative opportunities for managing run-off from residential developments which trigger PWD's Post-Construction Stormwater Management (PCSM) Requirements. In anticipation of an eventual earth disturbance threshold reduction from 15,000 sf to 5000 sf, participants were analyzing stormwater management solutions based on smaller developments with greater space constraints. 

The Group was discussing and designing layout options which included:

· Shared Privately Owned and Maintained Stormwater Management Practices (SMPs)

· Separate SMPs  Owned and Maintained by Individual Home Owners

· Publicly Owned and Maintained SMPs built through Public/Private Agreements

The charrette was a great opportunity to collaborate with design professionals and developers, as well as to share and learn from the experiences of colleagues. 

The discussion and final recommendations can help the BIA and SBN’s GSI Partners to hone in on best management practices currently accepted for Residential Development in the City of Philadelphia, as well as direct discussions on future policies for managing run-off.