"DRWC has engaged Rodriguez Consulting in a number of projects and we have been extremely pleased with the process and results in each case. We particularly appreciate Rodriguez’s ability to do high quality work that is visually appealing and easily understood by the lay person. The materials they produce make it easy to communicate our plans with community members and other waterfront stakeholders."

Lizzie Woods, Planner/Project Manager

"Rodriguez Consulting had become an integral partner in our real estate development work specifically with land surveying and engineering services. Lou and his team exceed expectations related to the quality and content of the finished products and the timeliness of their work. They communicate clearly, are effective problem solvers, and are entirely dependable. Rodriguez Consulting has also developed the expertise to assist in our storm water management projects, and they somehow remain ahead of the industry in understanding methods and trends. Rodriguez consulting brings essential competencies that greatly contribute to the success of our projects."

Casey O'Donnell PsyD, President/CEO