Tatiana DiSanti
Staff Engineer

With a background in civil and environmental engineering, geography, and entrepreneurship, Tatiana is well-versed in AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D as a means of generating base plans and stormwater details for water infrastructure systems. Her in-field experience includes the analysis of existing drainage systems, as well as the assessment of potential problem areas in need of water management solutions. Using programs such as ESRI ArcGIS, Tatiana frequently implements project data into area maps to develop project scopes. As someone who is passionate about the continued improvement of water systems in the urban environment, Tatiana strives to blend creativity with technology in implementing engineering solutions.

Tatiana happily lives in Philadelphia with her pothound, Rider. She has a passion for spontaneous (and well-planned) trips and broadening her horizons.

             Phone: 215.839.8087