Rodriguez is a civil engineering and land surveying firm that delivers value to clients by strategically blending engineering excellence with innovative technology and geospatial applications.  Our team of professionals provides engineering Design (land development, redevelopment, environmental site assessments, landscape design, site retrofits), Infrastructure (water, sewer stormwater, parks, and roadways), Geospatial (land surveying, GPS, 3D laser scanning, UAS mapping, and GIS) services.  We specialize in implementing Information Management tools that turn infrastructure data into useful information that, when applied with knowledge, allow our clients to make better-informed decisions.

Our team consists of licensed land surveyors and survey crews; licensed professional engineers; project engineers; landscape architects; urban planners; engineer technicians; construction inspectors; and database administrators.  We are dedicated to providing practical, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to our client’s needs. 

The Rodriguez information management team is skilled in the use of a variety of tools to capture infrastructure assets in the field ranging from: GPS receivers, survey total stations, 3D laser scanners, and tablets/smartphones (iOS, Windows, or Android).  Our office staff are capable of processing geospatial data in AutoDesk, Esri, Google, and Bentley software and visualizing this data in paper, web maps, and mobile applications.


Rodriguez has a very strong culture of diversity and inclusiveness, which is a source of pride to us. We rely on our diverse team of individuals, with different backgrounds and perspectives, to drive our business forward. We believe that diversity and inclusion are vital to our success. They are part of our work culture and working together as one team policy.


As a Philadelphia-based business enterprise, Rodriguez has been committed to the success of this cities and theirs mission since the firm was founded. We believe strongly in fostering our communities by using an inclusive approach on all our engineering projects. We are active members of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce where Lou is currently the Chairman of the Board. Each year our firm sponsors a middle school in Philadelphia for the Future City Philadelphia Program and our staff volunteers their time to teach young students engineering and sustainability. We cooperate with local schools in the State of New Jersey, taking part in career days and hosting student interns at our NJ office.

221310  Water Supply and Irrigation Systems
236220  Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
237110  Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction
237120  Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction
237130  Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction
237210  Land Subdivision
237310  Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
237990  Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
488999  All Other Support Activities for Transportation
541330  Engineering Services
541340  Drafting Services
541350       Building Inspection Services
541360  Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services
541370  Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
541430  Graphic Design Services
541611  Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541620  Environmental Consulting Services