Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA - Intersection Surveys and 3D Scanning

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Broad Street Intersections, Philadelphia, PA  - April 2015

Rodriguez Consulting LLC (Rodriguez), under contract with Urban Engineers, Inc. provided land surveying and mapping services for intersections of South Broad Street at Walnut, Chestnut, and Samson, utilizing conventional surveying and 3D Lidar scanning technologies. 

Rodriguez provided professional engineering and land surveying services to survey and prepare an existing condition plans for the following intersections:

  • Broad & Walnut (1,000 L.F.)
  • Broad & Chestnut (1,000 L.F.)
  • Broad & Samson (500 L.F.)
  • Moravian St. (50 L.F.) 
ADA ramp designs were developed as follows:
  • Broad & Walnut (8 Ramps)
  • Broad & Chestnut (8 Ramps)
Rodriguez Contribution: 
  • Control Survey – Horizontal and Vertical survey control was established throughout the project site utilizing global positioning systems (GPS) as required to perform the survey tasks.
  • Utility Survey – Existing rim, top of grate and invert elevations were obtained for storm and sanitary sewer facilities within the project limits in accordance with the RFP, PWD Standards, and generally accepted land surveying standards and practices.
  • Utility Coordination– Rodriguez contacted Pennsylvania (PA) One Call requesting a Routine Location request (street markup) and a Design Notification (utility plans/ as-builts) for the project area. Utility information was added to the base map and adjusted according to the field survey information.
  • Topographic Survey – A Topographic Survey was prepared in accordance with the RFP, PWD Standards, and generally acceptable land surveying standards and practices. The survey was prepared at an appropriate scale with a one (1) foot contour interval and/or spot elevations in General Survey areas and half foot contours on detailed survey areas.
  • Existing Conditions Site Plan Preparation– Rodriguez prepared an Existing Conditions Site Plan for the project site incorporating the information obtained via the Topographic Survey. Compiled field information was prepared in a CAD environment and includes the preparation of a survey plat.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Rodriguez Team scanning on Broad St.

 Estimated Cost:           Design Services: $65,000  
  • GPS Data Collection
  • Topographic & Utility Survey
  • LiDAR 3D Scanning
  • AutoCad Civil 3D
 Site Facts:
  • Site Area: 3,000 L.F.
  • S. Broad St. through Walnut, Chestnut, and Samson. 

Our Geospatial Specialist Joanna Sajewska prepared 3D scene from Broad Street Intersections project.