3D Scanning: ADA Curb Ramp Compliance Documentation

posted Aug 12, 2017, 4:57 AM by Louis Rodriguez   [ updated Oct 15, 2017, 6:10 AM ]
PHILADELPHIA, PA (3D Scanning) - Rodriguez Consulting (Rodriguez) performed post-construction ADA Compliance surveys and documentation of four (4) ADA Ramps that were constructed as part of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) North Central Phase II Development.  Rodriguez provided PHA and our client, CICADA Architecture/Planning, Inc., a single-source, full-service solution to ensure ADA compliance by providing life-cycle (cradle to grave) compliance solution.  By utilizing 3D interactive imaging with on-screen measurements and annotations added by our ADA experts, our compliance survey provided the project team with real insight into any identified compliance issues.  The owner and client were able to virtually walk the site from their computer, tablet or smart-phone, allowing them to make informed decisions on future direction and remedy on their properties.

Rodriguez Contribution
Rodriguez was responsible for capturing and portraying the physical elements of this project site using the following services/ technologies: 
  • ADA Compliance - Rodriguez ADA experts prepared PennDOT’s inspection forms, CS4401, and required documentation for each curb ramp and coordinated approval with the Philadelphia Streets Department.
  • 3D Scanning – Each constructed ADA ramp was scanned using a FARO Focus X330 Laser Scanner which collected a highly detailed point cloud that was combined with high resolution imagery. 
  • Fara SCENE Data Registration– individual 3D scans (point clouds)  were registered using Faro SCENE and compiled into seamless point clouds for each ADA ramp.  Automated routines were employed for  inspecting ramp slopes and cross slopes for compliance with ADA requirement.
  • Faro SCENE Webshare Cloud- The point cloud data and imagery were exported to Faro SCENE Webshare Cloud, providing the client, owner and contractor with a 360-degree  panoramic view of the data over the Internet using a simple web browser.  The project team were able to add notes and take measurements directly from the scan viewer, and link it to reports, forms and documentation.
For More Information on ADA Compliance in Philadelphia

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