3D Scanning: Tufas Boulder Lounge

posted Aug 31, 2018, 3:22 AM by Louis Rodriguez   [ updated Aug 31, 2018, 3:48 AM ]
PHILADELPHIA, PA (3D Scanning) - Rodriguez Consulting LLC (Rodriguez), under contract with Tufas Boulder Lounge provided 3D laser scanning and building documentation services to support the renovation of a 5,500 SF warehouse into a rock climbing gym in Philadelphia.  Rodriguez measured the existing conditions of the warehouse and created a 3D laser point cloud scan file that was used by the design team for climbing wall design, facility layout and space allocation for the new gym. Particular attention was given to the existing mechanical room, utilities and the overhead beams that were going to be used to support the prefabricated climbing infrastructure. 

Rodriguez Contribution

Rodriguez was responsible for capturing and portraying the physical elements of this warehouse using the following technologies: 
  • 3D Scanning – The existing conditions of the interior of the warehouse were scanned and documented using a FARO Focus X330 Laser Scanner which collected a highly detailed 3D point cloud that was combined with high-resolution imagery. 
  • Data Registration– the individual 3D scans (point clouds)  were registered using Faro SCENE and compiled into one seamless point cloud.  The resulting point cloud data was cleaned, colored and exported into .pts and .rcp file for use in creating 3D and 2D models by the designer/manufacturer, Futurist Climbing, for the purposes of fabricating climbing infrastructure.
  • SCENE Webshare Cloud- The point cloud data and imagery were exported to Faro SCENE Webshare Cloud, which the client to have access to a 360-degree  panoramic view of the data over the Internet using a simple web browser.  The client project manager and technical team were able to them add notes and take measurements directly from the scan viewer, and link it to the documentation.